Eight/Thirty Two

By Jokori Moe: Staff Writer

As the National Football League (NFL) playoffs progress, there are only 8 of 32 teams total left fighting for National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC) Championship Games but most of all 53rd Super Bowl Game! Now in the quarterfinals, we have match ups that have been predicted to be nothing short of fantastic. The Indianapolis Colts vs Kansas City Chiefs in hopes of clinching the AFC Divisional Championship. Another action packed game and perhaps the on all the fans are most excited for us the match up between the Philadelphia Eagles and The New Orlean Saints.

Carson High School senior and die hard Saints fan Sasha Floyd said, “ The Eagles aren’t ready for us we got that southern soul and the Best quarterback in the NFL!” ( Drew Brees)

Additionally, we California Natives have 2 teams to root for the Chargers who play against the Patriots and the LA Rams who face the Dallas Cowboys. Two games with two very hungry, aggressive, and agile California teams.

Academy of Education and Empowerment Senior and LA Rams fanatic Avirex Aupiu says, “ The Cowboys offense isn’t prepared to take on Aaron Donald and our front seven. Our pass rush and run stop game is too strong for the Cowboys.”

In regards to the Chargers a new competitor in the playoffs this year CHS Senior Nigel Tauta stated, “ I feel as the Chargers are a playoff sleeper and we are going to use that to our advantage and take over the whole NFL ! Super Bowl here we come!”

A lot on the line for 8 teams as the quarterfinals approach who will survive and who will have to put their shoulders pads to the left and helmets to the right? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


R. Kelly

By Faith Grissett: Staff Writer

R&B star R.Kelly has been recently receiving a lot of hate and backlash due to the fact that years ago he sexually and physically abused multiple women and underaged females. Even though it was years ago, some of the women are starting to speak up and speak out about what he had done to them. Even though the victims are speaking up now, something should have been done sooner.

Carson High School Senior, Vanesha Polidore stated, “I think they should’ve said something before instead of now after all these years. Maybe if they would’ve spoke up, then the situation would have been dealt with sooner.” Continue reading “R. Kelly”

Black Mirror (Bandersnatch)

By Kenady Craig: Staff Writer

“Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” is a movie derived from the hit british Netflix original, “Black Mirror”, which is thriller and sci-fi based.

“Bandersnatch” is interactive meaning, during the film it lets you make choices for the characters.Before the movie begins, there is brief instruction on how to operate the new feature. You are also given a ten second window to make a choice or else it’s going to do it by default. For example, in one scene Stefan’s father asked him what he wanted for breakfast and gave him two choices. On the screen you are given a limited time to choose what has been offered.

Taking place in the UK, Stefan Butler an upcoming programmer, creates a video game based on a “choose your own adventure” novel in 1984. He’s given a September deadline so it can hit sales by Christmas and is really stressed during this creative process. Because of this difficult time, he begins to lash out at his father and everyone around him;causing him to visit his therapist. He talks about his mother’s tragic death and how badly it still affects him. The rest is classified information, however it will all come together and make sense.This movie is highly recommended for anyone who is a fan of the anthology series, “Black Mirror”.


Selena’s Netflix Series

By Cynthia Ortiz: Staff Writer

Last month, Netflix dropped a short and simple teaser trailer for an upcoming series with the famous lyrics “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.” The trailer set the internet into a frenzy as it was revealed to be an announcement for a series dedicated and based off of the famous tejano singer and legend, Selena Quintanilla. Naturally, this sparked a mass discussion among the late artist’s fans; each of them having a different reaction to the exciting news.

Carson High School junior, Karla Jara, said “I’m mainly anxious about the show. I’m hoping they don’t try to gentrify it or anything along those lines. It’d be nice if they casted Latino actors as well and just kept it as authentic as possible.”

Many Selena fans share this same worry, as she is a very important individual in the Latino community. She’s even seen as a part of the culture itself. But not to worry, as Netflix also announced that the series will be executively produced and developed by the Quintanilla family so that her memory is kept alive and true.

“Growing up as a Latina, Selena was a person I really looked up to. I’m looking forward to the show and I think it’s amazing how we’re getting more representation,” said CHS junior, Isabelle Felix.

Overall this series seems to have been welcomed with open arms; and although there is some hesitancy, it is understandable. Selena is someone who is held very closely to people’s hearts. Generations after generations are being raised on her music and being told her story. Like an amor prohibido, the love and support for Selena is unstoppable. She will continue to live on as our tejana queen for all eternity.

Turkey Time

by Jokori Moe – Staff Writer

As holiday season approaches, the National Football League and fans prepare their Thanksgiving holiday celebration around the division rivalry clashes. Thanksgiving Day hosted three divisional rivalry games: the Chicago Bears vs the Detroit Lions, the Washington Redskins vs The Dallas Cowboys, and the New Orleans Saints vs the Atlanta Falcons.

  The Lions vs The Bears clashed at 9:30 am pacific time. Both teams had hopes of making a statement and perhaps clinching a wildcard game entering the playoffs. The Bears came out victorious with a 23-16 win. Continue reading “Turkey Time”

Mass Shootings

by Marilyn Nunez – Staff Writer

  In the year 2018 alone, there have been about 297 mass shootings solemnly in the United States. That is nearly as many days as there are in the entire year. A good amount of those shootings took place on school grounds. In fact, there has been, on average, one school related shooting every week this year. Mass shootings can occur at any given moment, at any given place, and at the break of any individual.

  Ms.Coyle, a teacher at Carson High School, addressed that the leading cause of these shootings in her opinion is “… lack of control, [poor] mental health, and lack of people respecting one another.” Continue reading “Mass Shootings”

Carson’s New Outlet

By Sarahmae Espinosa: Co-Technology Editor

Throughout the years, the city of Carson has been evolving, with more buildings, cafes, and now an outlet. The outlet will be called the Los Angeles Premium Outlets. With Carson being renovated, an outlet can be one of the new places locals can head to. As the project for the new outlet is in work, the city plans for $400 million. According to the Los Angeles Daily News, the outlet will be 400,000 square feet and will open in the fall of 2021. There are a lot of empty spaces in Carson and an outlet is a good way to fill up the land. Since the NFL Stadium was a failed proposal, having an outlet was a second choice. Macerich is a Real Estate Investment Trust that is teaming up with Simon Property Group which is also a real estate company to build the mall.

Ana Tuigaleava Carson High School senior stated, “The only other mall in Carson is South Bay Pavilion and we all know that it’s not all that so maybe the outlet will be better. I don’t think that this new outlet is necessary. I feel like the stadium would have been better. An outlet mall is the best choice because an outlet has a variety of shops. The outlet would bring more shoppers.” Continue reading “Carson’s New Outlet”