A Form of Expression

by Mark Tuufuli // Staff Writer

Recently, on May 2, 2018 the Carson complex had an art display for the students of the Academy of Medical Arts in the library held by the schools librarian Ms. Bollinger. The art was displayed all over the library to where it stood in the shelves where the books were, countless art drawn and painted by many students from AMA. All drawings were an expression of students showing and portraying other artists, celebrities, singers, rappers, cartoon characters, even internet “memes”. All art making a statement to its viewers about each artists own personality and interests.

Carson High school’s librarian Ms.Bollinger stated “I wanted to give the students an
opportunity to express their work and themselves, art is an expression of yourself through any form of art whether if its painting or drawing. It’s also a way to relieve stress through simply drawing. I feel art is important because it’s a way to learn of artist’s personal side others mostly don’t see, an expression and display of themselves only they know.”

One of the artists that displayed her artwork, AMA junior Cassidy Castro says “It helps you visualize what you want and it’s a form to express yourself and escape from any other stress or anything that you’re going through. I got to display my art into the art show not only to share with others and what they created but to be in an environment with what people made and what represents them. One of the arts that I made, I put inside the library and stood out to me because it was my painting.”

Another artist that had their art displayed in the library, AMA junior Mary Stevens states
“Art is very therapeutic, and I wanted people to see art in a new light. Originally it was an assignment but I found joy in doing it. I feel that art is important because people need to have creativity, it’d be important in architecture and the use of art is to be creative in such. I do art on my free time but my favorite type of art is water colors, there’s a variety of ways to create and there’s so much you can do.”

Art is more than just drawing and painting. It’s another way to express one’s self through images and displays, sometimes even just lines and colors. In ways, art is carried as a getaway from stress, meaning to be therapeutic. To be an artist doesn’t necessarily mean to have advanced artistic skills. Art is meant to portray inventiveness, imagination, and innovation.


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